Dense Fog Delays & Rain On The Way... - - Jackson, MS

Dense Fog Delays & Rain On The Way...

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Early Fog, High 80

Early morning start began with an abundance of moisture in the morning hours. Dense fog advisories in effect until the mid morning hours - and we'll feel mild all day long. Anticipate a high near 80 degrees, winds  south 10-15mph.

The front will be on the move Tuesday into Tuesday night. Our warm, humid air mass will aid in storms to develop.  This squall line will move through the area during peak heating on Tuesday afternoon. Strong straight-line winds are likely with the squall line, but a few quick spin-up tornadoes are also possible.  The front will clear the area by mid-evening Tuesday and cooler, drier air will move in.

The rest of the Thanksgiving week forecast will stay clear and relatively mild; just cooler than today and tomorrow. The next round of rain is expected on Saturday and early Sunday.

Paul Williams - First Alert Meteorologist

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