Tree falls on elderly couple's home during Tuesday's storms - - Jackson, MS

Tree falls on elderly couple's home during Tuesday's storms

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There were some frightening moments for an elderly south Jackson couple Tuesday morning.

The Harrisons were inside their home when strong winds suddenly descended on the area and sent a tree crashing through their roof.

"And just in an instant I heard the loud crash," said Alice Harrison.

A routine Tuesday morning was anything but for the Jackson resident who from the kitchen window watched as a dark cloud moved swiftly toward her Dona Avenue home.

The 79 year old heard small limbs falling when she ran into the hallway to alert her husband Max who is hard of hearing.

"My husband was in another room listening to a tape and I said 'Get in the hall, get in the hall', and he didn't hear me," said Alice Harrison.

"I heard the boom...I looked out the window and boy whoosh," said Max Harrison. "I mean the water was bowing."

In seconds the violent winds were over, but a large Red Oak tree had crashed through the roof of the home they've shared for 45 years.

"The whole roof has collapsed in that room and it's just pouring out on the pictures, my bed and everything," said Alice Harrison.

The 87 year old retired military man and barber also made it through without a scratch.

But water rushed through the gaping hole in their roof.

"It was a flood," said Mr. Harrison. "It was boom, you couldn't see across the street all you could see was water."

The Harrison's dog Tiffany; who was sleeping on the front porch, ran away during the storm but returned while the couple was salvaging items and preparing to leave.

Inside Mr. Harrison stared in amazement at a chair in the corner of the guest bedroom.

"I watch Channel 3 in that chair," said the Jackson man.

Just before the storm he decided to listen to music instead of watching TV.

That change in routine may have saved his life.

A giant tree limb landed on the chair in the exact spot where he usually watches television.

"We're here, and that's the first blessing," said Mrs. Harrison.

The couple has insurance, and their agent was on the scene assessing the damage just hours after the storm.

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