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Walt's Look Around: Brookhaven Christmas

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BROOKHAVEN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Although this is Thanksgiving week, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Especially in some places.

Take Brookhaven, for instance.

The Chamber of Commerce offered a challenge to any stores willing to take it on; to decorate their display windows for the season.

And lots of stores joined in.

If they ever wanted to re-do the movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" they could use Brookhaven as the setting.

It's an old downtown with a tight knit community attitude.

If you're a photographer, you can pick out post-card scenes everywhere downtown Brookhaven if you crop the frame just right.

And in Brookhaven, as in many communities, Christmas is already in the air, even without the Chamber of Commerce's challenge for store owners to do a little extra for their display windows this year.

And the shop owners who responded covered over their windows so no one could see them until the afternoon of the unveiling.

And suddenly it was a winter wonderland in a couple of dozen display windows around town.

LaDonna Carollo of Finishing Touch out on Brookway Blvd. took their store window up an extra notch.

LaDonna Carollo: We put Santa in our window. We thought we'd have a live window so we put Santa in our window on a motorcycle and that created huge excitement for all the children. And we had children and adults walking down the boulevard and shopping and had snacks that night and created excitement for Christmas season.

Walt: Now, it's not everyday that you get to chat with Santa. So I wanted to find out how Christmas has changed since he was a boy.

Santa: When I was a kid, my daddy got me and my three sisters an orange, an apple and a banana, and that was our Christmas. 'Course I was born during the depression. Born in 1932. We didn't have much. But we loved it, though. We just knew what Christmas was all about. We just wasn't buying a lot of stuff. We didn't have the money to buy it with. Things have changed, now. Things have changed a whole lot.

Walt: And who to better to know how Christmas has changed over the years than Santa. But Brookhaven seems to be adopting the idea that sometimes, things change back to the way they were. Like when stores went all out for Christmas in their display windows, like the first decorating contest they had this year.

LaDonna Carollo: I think it will be a new tradition for sure.

Walt: And It'll be another sign of the season for the rest of us to look forward to, when Brookhaven decks the windows for Christmas every year.

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