Grocery stores packed with last minute Thanksgiving shoppers - - Jackson, MS

Grocery stores packed with last minute Thanksgiving shoppers

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It's Thanksgiving Eve, synonymous to Black Friday when it comes to shopping at the grocery store.

From Jackson to Madison, throngs of people waited until the last minute to grab items they forgot, need or just to finally get their shopping lists complete for turkey day.

This new grocery store at the Jackson Medical Mall was filled Wednesday.

Individual shoppers with baskets chock full of food.

"what do you have here? Oh yum"

And there were procrastinators.

"Last minute."

Inside it was time to grab the essentials, that all important chicken broth, those yummy sweet potato's, and turkeys, well maybe not this one, it was frozen solid.

"We have t-bones down there on sale for $5.99. T bones, what about the turkey. $1.19 a pound."

So busy on this Thanksgiving even that holiday shoppers were dodging each other with grocery carts, body armour would have been suitable.

"We're looking for things for sandwiches for leftovers."

Then the checkout counters were backlogged.

And I must admit, I had an ooppsie moment, forgetting the mayonnaise for the all important spinach dip.

"I forgot the mayonnaise."

Outside we gave one family a hand piling food for dozens into the back of a grandmothers pickup truck.

A spot check at the supersized Kroger in Madison was much the same.

The parking lot was filled with shoppers stocking up so that their traditional Thanksgiving meal and memories will be complete.

"Happy Thanksgiving."

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