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10 years after tornado in the Fairfield subdivision

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Fairfield subdivision in Madison looked like a war zone. Houses blown apart by 250 mile an hour winds.

Becky Covington tried to shield her daughter, Amanda, with her seven months pregnant body. The mother and daughter were ripped apart from each other by the violent twister. Amanda was thrown the distance of a football field.

Becky said, "I know many people would look at what happened to us 10 years ago and say it was tragic. And it was very tragic. We lost our unborn child who died shortly after birth but in the 10 years since then, we have just been blessed immeasurably."

Her daughter's pelvis was crushed and her arm injured but she's fully recovered.

"I walk away from it and notice that yes, there's things that happen in life but I'm here and I get to live everyday again. I could have not been here," said Amanda.

Amanda's birth certificate was found more than 50 miles away and returned. Just one of many miracles for this family.

"At first they weren't sure I would survive, then they weren't sure I would walk and then they said I'd never use my arm and hand again. We've just been very fortunate and really blessed. It just makes you very aware that each day is a gift," said Amanda.

Time has erased most signs of the storm but still there are a few. Boards protrude from the neighborhood pond and an algae-covered urn lay just below the water's surface.

It was not a typical Thursday in the Fairfield neighborhood as many people were away for Thanksgiving visiting friends and family, much as it was 10 years ago. Had those people been home when the storm hit, the death toll could have been higher.

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