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A bruising Black Friday for some shoppers

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Blame it on the economy, or overzealous bargain hunters..but for some shoppers black Friday turned into a nightmare. Violence marred the shopping extravaganza in parts of the U.S. Even here in the metro there was pushing and shoving. 

Customers came under attack inside a Los Angeles area Wal-Mart after a shopper doused them with pepper spray. She was determined to keep them away from the X-Box she wanted. Some 20 people coughed and rubbed their eyes while leaving the store, after medics checked them about.

Friday a shopper was shot when he resisted a pair of armed robbers outside a Wal-Mart store in south Carolina. In Ridgeland Courtney Evans, a young shopper said people were out of control when movies and games were put up for grabs. "Pretty much as soon as it was 10:00 everyone stormed in and it was chaos. There was a woman who had been there since 7:30 and they knocked her to the ground on top of the box and she had knocked everything down and games were spread everywhere."

There are unconfirmed reports of pushing and shoving at the Wal-Mart in Pearl as well. And this video was captured on a shoppers cell phone in Ellijay, Georgia. A feeding frenzy erupted when a pallet was brought out loaded with highly discounted merchandise.

One analyst says the more shoppers there are, the more incidents there will be of confrontations and fights over post-thanksgiving bargains. A record number of shoppers took advantage of discounts up to 70 percent.

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