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Small business sales after Black Friday

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Business had slowed Saturday afternoon but business-owners in the Fondren district say it has more to do with a force more powerful than a desire to shop.

"We may have seen a little bit. The weather itself probably helped keep a lot of people at home and I'm sure the game kept a lot of people in today, too," said Chane, Jackson business owner.

Other merchants say small business saturday did help and they like the idea.

"Small business saturday has been great. We had a great turn-out this morning. We just wish the weather had cooperated a little more with us," added Missy Mavar, Jackson business owner.

Small business has been called the backbone of not only the local economy, but the national economy as well. Small businesses have added more jobs in the last 20-years than their large corporate competitors. Additionally, statistics show nearly 70 cents of every dollar spent in a small business is returned to the local economy. Mercants say more and more they are seeing local buyers shift away for the big box stores and to smaller, locally-owned retailers.

"We are seeing more come back to local. I think the recession kind of helped that. People want to give less money to the big corporations with all the media attention toward the corruption with all that and they want to shop local a little more. We wish it's a whole lot. We'd like to make those percentages 100 percent but it's going to take a little time," Chane added.

Merchants here in the fondren area say they did get a bump from small business Saturday in business, but that this afternoon has tapered off and that the weather probably had more to do with that than anything else.

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