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Cyber Monday Shopping

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Cyber Monday 2011 is shaping up to be the biggest online shopping days on record. Holiday shoppers are flocking to dot-com's after taking advantage of Black Friday deals.

The elves workshop is busy at the Everyday Gourmet in Jackson and it's jam packed with items waiting to be shipped, many of which were ordered online.

Shipping manager Marlena Walters says, "Online the everyday you can shop anytime while every items we have in the store everything is online a majority of our inventory is gift baskets for sure."

The Everyday Gourmet receives orders from around the country as more people choose to shop at their keyboards. Experts say online sales were up 20-percent this Cyber Monday, from where they were last year. One reason, convenience.

"I know the thing is they can shop before we open or after we close because our hours are typically 9 to 6, were not open all night long till 10 when a lot of people are able to sit down and shop and think through their shopping list," says Walters. 

Phillip Scott who owns a tailor shop says, "I always find time to go shopping online it's much easier, efficient."

Many online shoppers say the online savings this Cyber Monday are better than ever.

Lauren Brunson says,"Forty to sixty percent, it's a substantial amount."

The bottom line is savings, whether it's in the gas tank, not having to drive to a local store, or making a deep discounted gem in the cyber world, it appears online shopping continues to grow.

"I can get a much better deal off Amazon than if I go to Barnes and Noble up the street somewhere, so why not," says Brunson.

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