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Students get hands on with global economy

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

They come from 14 schools around the state, representing 86 countries around the world.

"It's really important because you get to get a picture of how the world works," said Alex Martin, Madison Central High School junior.

Martin is one of about 500 middle and high students dressing the part during the international economic summit, designed to give a hands on understanding of the global economy and how countries interact with each other when it comes to trade and foreign relations.

"Economics have a large part in international relations as whole and they're a large factor in everything we do," Martin said.

Representing China, Martin, along with her team mates are having to convince other countries to buy into their economic proposals through strategizing, bartering and even forming alliances.

"It's really cool to see how much influence countries actually have and how money sometimes can translate into power in the economy," Martin said.

It's that real world power, which Selena Swartzfager with the Mississippi Council on Economic Education says only comes with knowing how to maneuver through an economy.

"Just from the fact that they're out, they're walking around, they're talking with other countries, it forces a level of understanding," Swartzfager said.

From Poland to South Africa these students, turned economic advisors, prepared for weeks by researching their country's economy, political structure, imports and exports, natural resources and needs. It's a system Swartzfager says can leave lasting impacts.

"This is a global economy, we don't exist on our own. Some of these kids will take what they've learned and it will influence what they do with their lives, with their careers," Swartzfager said.

That's just the case for Alex Martin, who says she wants to pursue a career in international relations. 

Now, with the world in one room, China is a pretty good place to start.

"It's important to see how everything kind of fits together," Martin said.

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