Sound Off: Water for the Needy - - Jackson, MS

Sound Off: Water for the Needy

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In the past I have been critical of Councilman Kenny Stokes, but last week he came up with an excellent idea. Stokes proposed to allow City of Jackson water customers to designate a donation creating a fund to pay water bills for the needy.

This is similar to the Power to Care program that Entergy offers to help pay power bills. What I like about this proposal is that it is voluntary and the money donated goes directly to take care of the basic needs of the disadvantaged. The Salvation Army could be given resources to administer the program to make sure politics and favoritism don't interfere.

I believe that this could be a model for other cities as well. I hope this is a good sign that soon to be Supervisor Stokes will be more reasoned and engaged in his new position.

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