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Save the peacock decoration campaign underway

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hundreds of WLBT viewers responded on our Facebook page about the story we brought you Tuesday about a Madison family's Christmas decorations.

Many viewers sided with the Cheeks family and directed us to even worse violations in the city.

On November 29th, Madison resident Wanda Cheeks said she was told by city code enforcement to remove two peacocks on the roof of her Church Street home.

"I didn't know they were bothering anybody," said the five year resident.

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler said the city received numerous complaints from neighbors about the Christmas decorations.

"All my neighbors tell me they're not bothering them. They love them. They'll sign and do whatever needs to be done," added Cheeks.

Wednesday morning the 43-year-old said she and her husband went to City Hall and signed up to be on the Board of Alderman agenda to keep the peacocks.

Cheeks said neighbors stopped by her home Wednesday and expressed their support.

She said one family even drove from Rankin county to find out where she purchased the decorative fowl.

Nearly 300 people posted on the WLBT Facebook page, most were in support of the colorful birds.

There is also a "Save the Peacocks" page on Facebook.

Others directed us to even more elaborate Christmas decorations in the city.

It's a tradition on Indian Pines Lane.

"It takes about seven or eight days with some help from my neighbors here," said John Rowe.

Rowe, who has been decorating for about 20 years, strings up 25,000-30,000 lights at his home every year.

He also sets up six different scenes on his lawn.

"Now one thing with the traffic that we have and the people that came through all the neighbors have to agree with what we're doing or it couldn't work," said Rowe.

His next door neighbor Bill Hutchison said when the work is done, musicians play Christmas Carols while cars from around the metro area drive by the lighted displays.

"It's a lot of fun. I'm retired so I come over and help. Nobody complains on this street because we all pitch in and put up lights, everybody," said Hutchison.

Nearly every house in the cul-de-sac is covered with lights.

They go all out with music you can tune in on your radio, synchronized with the lights.

Madison viewers pointed us to property on Rice Road with numerous code violations, a stark and obvious contrast to the Church Street property.

It's located near Hoy Farms Drive.

Old appliances, vehicles and debris are scattered across the lot.

"That has been a ongoing battle and that may be something you want to interview the owner about," said Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler.

The city could not provide us the owner's name, and we were unable to reach them for comment.

Wednesday evening Cheeks said she learned there were objections because she was told peacocks weren't holiday decorations.

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