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Peacock Grinch?

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When I saw the story idea about the Madison woman being asked to remove lighted peacocks from her roof amid all the Christmas decorations, I thought it had the perfect recipe for viewer interest.

After all, this is the one time of the year in which so many of us like to show our joy of the season by decorating.

It is also the time where nearly anything goes, except, as we find in Madison.

Of the hundreds of comments on Facebook, virtually all of you felt Mayor Mary Hawkins was out of line and the woman should stand her ground.

And she has decided to do just that.

With today's instant messaging, public opinion can tip the scales of what's right and what's wrong.

Already this year we've seen numerous instances of that worldwide.

And in this case, it's obvious how the jury feels.

Now it's up to the city council or the court to see whether Madison becomes the meany pot Grinch and how Mayor Hawkins comes out in all this.

That's just my Point of View.

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