Multiple injuries in school bus collision - - Jackson, MS

Multiple injuries in school bus collision

The impact with the empty log truck was enough to topple Montgomery County school bus #23 onto its side.

Dark skid marks were left where Highway 82 intersects with another road. According to some reports, as many as 16 people were hurt. More than a dozen were taken to Tyler Holmes Memorial Hospital in Winona. Seven people were taken to UMC in Jackson; two airlifted.

The students on the bus ranged from elementary to high school students.

At least four of the UMC patients are children. As of Friday evening, two were listed in critical condition, three were in stable condition, and two were treated or discharged.

Their prognosis is unknown. "Levels of injuries in children, they could heal quickly, but (they) also can have long term effects," says Jennifer Stephen, Clinical Director of Children's Emergency Services. "School bus accidents are not common, but when we see them it has a big impact on the community too."

Coincidentally, UMC'S new Children's Emergency Department had its first full day of operation Friday, the day the wreck occurred.

There is no seat belt law for school buses in Mississippi. Stephen weighs in on that.

"I am an active member of the Emergency Nurses Association," she says. "Any injury prevention effort we try to support. We would have to look at the literature to see if that was something we would be going for or not."

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