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Peacocks and ruffled feathers

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A Madison woman who's rooftop peacock decorations were outlawed by the Mayor, now says she wants a face to face apology from Mary Hawkins-Butler.

As WLBT first reported earlier this week, the Mayor said the Christmas birds would have to be removed from the rooftop of cheeks rental home in the Traceland North subdivision of Madison. That sparked endless comments about the story on our Facebook page. Someone even started a "Save the Peacocks" campaign.

Thursday the Mayor had a change of heart, the peacocks could stay on their lofty perch for Christmas. Wanda Cheeks thought the Mayor was coming her home Friday morning to apologize. That did not happen. "I feel like if you owe anyone an apology you apologize face to face."  We asked her, "What are your plans." Her reply, "My plans are to show up at the Board meeting on Tuesday night. I'm asking all of my supporters would they be there and I'm going to just try to receive my apology. And as far as I'm concerned it's not over until that happens."

We called the Mayor's office for a response but Mayor Butler was not available.

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