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Packing For Miss America

Miss Mississippi, Mary Margaret Roark is preparing to represent this state at the Miss America pageant next month. Four young women from Mississippi have won the Miss America crown, three from Ole Miss and one from Mississippi State. Roark is a junior at MSU who is working hard to bring home another national title.

Supporters come to Vicksburg from all over the state to see what Miss Mississippi is packing for the Miss America pageant.

"The competition wardrobe is actually the least of my worries right now. It is all taken care of. It is the luncheons, the dinners, the concerts, all of those press appearances, we're there for 10 days," said Roark.

National contestants must be prepared for a marathon of events. Some will require cocktail dresses, gowns, or comfort. Roark says she is ready.

"Just like being Miss Mississippi you always want to be prepared, so we absolutely have back ups for pretty much every event. But its nice though, I'd rather be too prepared than have something unexpected," Roark said.

The judges interview will count for 25% of the overall score. Miss Mississippi will choose between two outfits when she meets the judges one on one. But she also knows they will be listening very closely to her talent.

"I'll be performing my same piece that I did at Miss Mississippi, "Nostradamus". Its very comforting that I've already played it on stage once, so since July I have been mainly perfecting it, I literally think that right now I could play it blindfolded with a hurricane going on outside," said Roark.

While she is hoping to win the national title, Roark is also making plans for the future.

"I hope to attend law school so hopefully Miss America's scholarship funds will help me pursue that dream," Roark said.

The new Miss America will be crowned January 14th. Miss Mississippi also met with members of Congress in Washington to promote her platform on Alzheimer's. She says it was great practice for her career as an attorney.

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