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Walt's Look Around: 700 Santas for Christmas

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Well, you get right down to it, the Santa's make the Long's house not only festive around Christmas, but ALL year. Because a few of the Santas in Judy's collection STAY out all the time. She's been collecting Santas for about 20 years. And oddly, it was Santa himself that got her started.

Judy Long: We had what's called a dirty Santa party. And I won this Santa Clause and I was very disappointed. This is NOT what I wanted. But then I got THAT Santa Clause and then that made me sort of start looking at Santa Clauses, and…I've always loved Santa Clause. I mean I'm a Christmas person. (Walt: From a child?) Judy: From a child, yes. (Walt: Did you ever stop believing in him?) Judy: Not really. I STILL believe.

Walt: Well, Daddy told me a long time ago that if you ever stop believing he stops coming. So I still believe. And with this many Santas right before your eyes, what's so difficult about believing?

Judy: My favorite Santa is my Arkansas Razorback Santa. That's my very favorite. I have several that I'm crazy about. In fact I just got a new Jim Shore Santa. It's the Santa and he's kneeling before the baby Jesus. And that's the real reason for Christmas. So I really like that. But unusual Santas I go for. I can't tell you which ones are my favorites because I love them all.

Walt: Not only does Judy buy Santas herself, all year long, not just at Christmas, but people give them to her as gifts. How nice to have ONE person on your list you know exactly what to get. But there is a reluctance of duplication on the part of the giver.

Judy: Well you know in this whole big collection I don't have two that are alike.

Walt: And just as Santa is a giver, so is Judy in letting sometimes, total strangers come through her house and look at her collection.

Judy: If you don't show it then it's no fun to have it. I don't like to hoard all these Santas, I like to show them. I really do.

 Walt: Well, in just a few more days, ole Santa is going to be the man of the hour in most of our homes. But in Judy Long's house in Greenville, he's ALWAYS the man of the year!

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