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Jackson tackles overtime abuse by city employees

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A report published by The Clarion-Ledger says the city's overtime has increased by 28% over last year.

Council members say they seen memorandums singling out specific city workers prohibiting those employees from getting overtime but they still are.

"I can't understand when a person is putting overtime in and then his supervisor goes to there looking for him and he's not even there three or four times but he's still putting overtime down that he's working overtime, that's a no no," said City Council President Frank Bluntson.

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes says the abuse is a criminal activity.

"When I say it's criminal activity because whenever you start falsifying documents, especially government documents, it's a criminal, it's a criminal matter. So you know, I think that the best way you can handle this overtime situation is that we need to stress to these department heads that your job is on the line," Councilman Stokes said.

Bluntson agrees, the ultimate responsibility is in the hands of department heads.

"Just think department heads, I'm not talking about supervisors, I'm talking about department heads. They are saddled with that responsibility to make sure that overtime is not being abused. I don't care who they are. I know some supervisors have been cited also for misusing and abusing overtime. So that is the department head," added Bluntson.

Bluntson says the money spent on unnecessary overtime should go for other city problems that have reached near crisis levels.

"We got water problems here in the city. We got street problems. We got sewer problems, we got everything. We can't let people just misuse and abuse overtime. I don't care who they are," Bluntson added.

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