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Homeowner claims water line break threatening his foundation

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Frigid temperatures have kept city crews busy repairing a recent round of water line breaks.

But some residents in Midtown Jackson say their constant calls about a break are being ignored.

One owner said the water rising from the rupture in the street is threatening his home's foundation.

James Carr said water has been bubbling from this crack in the middle of Adelle Street for more than two weeks, and it's a repeated problem.

The rupture is located at the intersection of Adelle Street and Adelle Court and is flowing across a vacant corner lot and beneath the home where his 89 year old aunt lives.

"This particular water is beginning to get under my house. I just paid out $9,000.00 to have it raised, and from what I can see now it's gonna sink again," said Carr.

Along with the watery mess is the sewage line that Carr said has been broken since a house on this spot was torn down by the city more than a decade ago.

The 65 year old said vehicles traveling the narrow street are making it worse.

While no water has gotten into the house, the frustrated owner said the water flow outside has resulted in no water pressure inside the home.

"They don't have pressure here. I mean it's down to almost zero. I mean they can take a shower but they have to stand in there and wait for the rinse, and they just don't have any pressure," said Carr.

"We will dispatch crews back to look at the water issue as well as the sewer complaint, and we will be sure to address anything we need to," said City of Jackson Director of Communications Chris Mims.

According to Carr, Public Works Crews have made repairs to the street over the past several years that never last.

"It's running all through the ditches, coming through. You can hear it running. It's like a small river," he added.

The retiree said he even took it upon himself to try to divert the water by digging a trench across the lot.

It's an ongoing problem Carr said for the mainly elderly residents who live on the street.

The homeowner said he fears what the return of freezing temperatures will do to the leak and their access to water.

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