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Historic home hopes to avoid laundry mat hot air

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NATCHEZ, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Natchez homeowner fears a new business that plans to open next door will ruin the quality of life for his tenants.

Wednesday city officials discussed the laundry mat's affect on the historic downtown structure.

Clay and Angela Gibson have lived in a 142 year old house in the historic district of downtown Natchez for five years.

They believe their quiet peaceful lifestyle will end when the new laundry mat a few feet away opens for business.

The old Goodyear Tire Company at the corner of Main Street and Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. Drive will contain 16 commercial dryers with vents that are aimed directly at their home.

"The temperature that comes out is 160 degrees on this side over here and by the time it touches the building in this side which is only four feet seven inches; therefore, you're going to have a lot of heat and moisture that's gonna get in this building," said Clay Gibson.

"We love living here, and we don't want to have to move. So we're fighting it. We're fighting for our home," said his wife Angela.

There are four apartments in the building.

Brooks Harrington owns the two story house.

"It prohibits them from being able to use their windows and enjoy the window like they normally would and also the porch. Just the volume of fumes and gases is something that is not comfortable. No one would want to live with that," said Harrington.

Sam Middleton owns main street laundry and said the business was approved by the city planning commission. he wanted to open on December first but may have to make expensive changes to get approval from the Natchez Preservation Commission.

"He wants some elaborate system put in. We told him we'd be glad to do it if they'd like to provide the funding for it. Going into this thing we're doing it normally like a normal laundry would be vented and that's through the wall," said Middleton.

The commission is charged with preserving historic buildings.

Gibson wants vents in the roof or rear.

Middleton said he has design approval.

The Natchez businessman was ordered to close the wall vents and meet the building and fire code regulations.

Good news for the Gibsons but costly changes for the new business owner.

Middleton must return to the preservation board with the recommended changes on January 12th.

He is considering appealing to the Natchez Board of Aldermen.

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