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Wednesday's Child- Sadie

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Sadie is strong, independent and determined. Although she has faced many obstacles, including a learning disability she continues to work hard. She was featured with her siblings last year and is still hoping to find a forever family. Sadie shares her feelings in her own words on this week's Wednesday's Child.

"My name is Sadie and I'm 12 years old and I'm in the sixth grade. I like to play basketball, I like to skate, and sometimes I like to help out others that are needy," said Sadie.

You are so good with your sisters and brothers, making sure they're okay. "Because at one point I used to have to take care of them," Sadie said.

There are lots of things you want to do.  "Olympics, basketball, cosmetologist, veterinarian. Wow, do you love animals? Mmm..hmm. What's your favorite animal? A horse," said Sadie.

"I like school, my favorite, favorite, favorite subject is like reading and English because its kind of helped me with my reading more, because I used to have problems reading and stuff and I couldn't read big words, but now I can," Sadie said.

How would you feel about being adopted with all of you together in one place? I would love it. Nice people, people that like to go shopping, people that like animals, people that like to do hair, just a lot of stuff," said Sadie.

"If you could have one wish granted out of all the wishes in the world, what would that wish be? For my, for us to just continue to be a family and never be separated again," Sadie said.

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