Bordering on Incompetence - - Jackson, MS

Bordering on Incompetence

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I know construction accidents will happen.

And the company that's been putting in a 48" water line on Jefferson Street in downtown Jackson has been hard at it.

But what is amazing is that in this day and time, you have a long standing company like this one busting a gas line and causing a major disruption and headaches for lots of folks.

You would think that the company would have checked and triple checked to ensure that incompetence would not factor in something this important and potentially dangerous.

And speaking of incompetence, this motel on I-55 near Briarwood fell prey to the flag police this past July.

Fortunately, they replaced it as soon as I showed you what it looked like.

Well, guess what?

They're back at it again.

This flag is now worse than the one it replaced.

Come on folks, give us a break. Either take care of it or just take it down for good.

That's my Point of View.

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