MS Governor-Elect hosts policy summit - - Jackson, MS

MS Governor-Elect hosts policy summit

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In a few weeks he'll become the most powerful political figure in Mississippi and when the gavel sounds for the upcoming legislative session, Governor-Elect Phil Bryant wants his policy agenda to be ready.

Bryant hosted a policy summit in downtown Jackson and said to the audience, "Vision without action is just a hallucination."

Putting the pieces of his political puzzle together Bryant formed eleven policy committees, and appointed chairmen, ranging from education and health care to public safety and energy. Bryant then tapped more than 200 leaders from those same fields to have one big discussion.

"We want to have diversity. We want to have people who have been on the ground," said Bryant.

They came from across the state and Thursday they were in one room, ready to give their input on what challenges the state will face during Bryant's first year in office, such as unemployment, the dropout rate and a strained budget. By putting those minds in one place, Bryant says solutions for the state's problems can better be addressed.

Summit leader Mike Garriga told the crowd, "We really need your brain power. We really need what it's going to take for the next four years for this very promising administration to make Mississippi a better place."

After a lot of talk, Bryant says it'll be time for action, carrying what happens inside a hotel conference room to the chambers inside the state capitol.

Bryant said, "We want real substantive material to come out of here that we can translate into legislation."

To make any progress, Bryant must get the legislature on his side and plans to work closely with lawmakers to help push any legislation spurred at the summit.

Bryant also said, "This is not just an exercise in futility, we really need to implement these goals."

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