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Hinds and Madison County residents landfill debate

Dozens of property owners say its dirty business and they will continue to fight a proposal to put a landfill near their homes. A public hearing was held Thursday night on the Tougaloo College campus.

Homeowners near North County Line Road's border with Hinds and Madison Counties say they don't want the landfill located near their property. Representatives with the Department of Environmental Quality were also at the meeting.

They are gathering information to make a decision on whether to grant a permit for the landfill. Some business leaders say the landfill is necessary to continue development but many residents say they are concerned about a number of issues including health hazards.

"To me its an environmental racism issue. There are so many landfills that are put in our area. We're dealing with odor, foul odor, we're dealing with roads that are deplorable, pavement, holes large enough for a car to fall in. We're dealing with a homeowner's property values going down", said Larry Anderson of the Livingston Road Homeowners Association.

"This third landfill will give us a new avenue for dumping waste products as Madison County develops and Hinds County also. One of the gentleman talked about Hinds County using the waste, Hinds County currently sends their waste to Kemper County", said Dr. George French a private business consultant.

Some homeowners also argue they can't understand putting three landfills within a four mile area with the thousands of acres that are available in Madison County.

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