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Walt's Look Around: Christmas village comes to life

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RAYMOND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This is Sandra Mackee's village. It's her snow village. Snow Village is a type of Christmas collectable like the Dickens Village an others that keep's you occupied year round actually. I mean when you aren't putting the pieces out or putting them away, which can take as much as a month either side of the holidays themselves, you spend the rest of the year looking for pieces that you don't have. Sandra's collection started 10 years ago with a single church. She has several churches in her village now and each one get's special placement.

Sandra: When I build the village I put the churches at the highest point in each setting because that is the meaning of Christmas.

Walt: And there're lots of other aspects of Christmas, too, nostalgia not being the least of them and nostalgia being what the snow village is all about, reminding us of the Christmases we used to know, or NEVER knew personally. Probably some of the best Christmases we've ever enjoyed we never lived ourselves. The ones in the Christmas movies, Holiday Inn, The Bishop's Wife. The one's in the Christmas stories, Dickens's A Christmas Carol and of course, THE Christmas Story.

And then with pieces like the Snow Village you can create your own fantasy Christmas right in your living room. If you are patient and persistent enough to do the hobby and collect enough pieces like Sandra has, to make streets and neighborhoods. Then if this were in my living room I'd make enough time to just sit there and look at it and lose myself in those streets and houses. A new piece is issued each year so it always changes. Elvis' Graceland is this year's edition. You could spend a blue Christmas with the king if you'd like. Or get lost in a smoky, Smoky Mountain cabin. Every year pieces are retired, also. So you have to just luck up on some of the older ones.

The Ronald McDonald house is different form the rest. A new one is issued each year, but they are not sold. They are auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald houses. And Christmas lasts as long as you want it to when you have a hobby like Sandra's. And if all of us would just keep even a small slice of Christmas going all year round, well, I don't know if it would be a better world. But it would seem like it to us individually, anyway.

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