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Stolen Christmas restored to Brandon family

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The magic of Christmas comes in many forms and offerings. Last week, we told you about a single mom who's children's gifts were stolen right from under their modest Christmas tree.

Three on your side viewers responded to Antornita Williams plight, including one who offered the gift of security.

December 12, burglars kicked in the back door. This single mother of two, who works by day and is a full time student at night was shocked to find her home ransacked and possessions stolen. "They were sad. He cried. We both cried cause it's invasive."

Their sense of security turned into sleepless nights. Antornia told us, "I wouldn't sleep. I would walk all night long. Walk, look in the room, make sure they were alright." The single most disturbing find - Christmas presents she had worked so hard for were gone, other packages ripped open and tossed aside by the thieves. We asked her 10 year old son, "What were your feelings?" He replied, "Mad and upset."

There were tears of despair and sadness hung over the house. But joy was restored this week by a WLBT viewer. And the Christmas bells were ringing inside and out thanks to a new home security system.

The spirit of Christmas came alive thanks to Tony Collums, owner of The Alarm Company in Gluckstadt. Collums said Thursday, "When I saw your story, the other night it did two things. It made me angry because it's Christmas time, it touched my heart."

And Antornita was touched. Referring to Collums, "He's a blessing he truly is. I done cried cause you won't think there were so many nice people out there, but there is. Just walk up to you to here you go. I'm sorry. It's the thought that counts."

Yes Jamarion, yes Antornita there is a Santa Clause. He lives in the hearts of many. So the modest Brandon home is once again filled with smiles, the warmth of hugs and renewed belief in the spirit of the season.

As he left, Tony Collums said, "I'm in a position this year that I can do something like this and it just meant the world to me. It seems like it's a real blessing for her. It's a blessing for me." And in response Antornia replied, "Merry Christmas. Thank you Merry Christmas to you to and I would just like to thank everybody."

Others sent gifts as well, coming together in the spirit of giving, returning home knowing deep in their hearts they made a difference, thankful they could. Thanks to many WLBT viewers, the Williams children will have a new sense of security and a very special Christmas indeed.

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