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Special Guest Editorial: God's Gift To You

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By Dr. Greg Belser of Morrison Heights Baptist Church 

It's Christmas, and for many, their favorite time of year.  Family, food, and gifts top the list for most as to the reason why.  

Christmas is about receiving gifts, you know.  Well, not exactly the kind of gifts that can be placed under a tree…even better than that. Christmas is about Jesus Christ, of course.  He is the greatest gift of all. 

An angel appeared to the shepherds near Bethlehem long ago and announced the arrival of Jesus.  He called his report that night, "good news of great joy."  Joy is pretty good description for what God did and that word gets tossed around a lot at Christmas.  It should.  But let me remind you that long after the joy of packages and fudge and family have been forgotten, there will remain a God who has given you His Son so that you might love Him and be finally satisfied.   

My wife and I have raised three daughters to adulthood and we have talked often about their favorite gifts in years past and whether they still gave them joy today. For most, they are somebody else's treasure today. 

So, on behalf of Morrison Heights Baptist Church in Clinton, let me urge you to treasure Jesus as God's gift to you.  He is the joy which never ends or goes out of style.   

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