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Christmas Eve shopping plentiful

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Northpark Mall was buzzing with shoppers getting ready for the annual ritual of swapping presents.

Hundreds packed the stores and the cash registers were singing.

As the Christmas spirit over took many on the eve of the holiday.

Shoppers say they are spending at least what they did last year and many are spending more.

"Actually I'm spending more. everything is going well for me this year and I'm spending a lot more money . So I think it's going good," said shopper, Pierre Jackson.

"It's kind of equal. We get Christmas all during the year and we're trying to help someone else this year enjoy Christmas. So it's kind of equal for me this year," added shopper. Janice Barry.

"I definitely am spending more than I did last year because I actually got a better job so I have more income," added shopper Andrew McQuirk.

"I would say I'm doing about the same because I only buy for the people close to me. It's easier that way," added shopper Kerri Anderson.

Meanwhile, retailers say they are having a great year. 

"We are definitely selling more this year than last year. People are really coming out. I feel like this year is definitely a step forward for us getting better in our business and I definitely think there is more traffic in this mall than I've ever seen in this mall,' said Body Shop manager, Nastasgia Davis.

One thing is for sure, no one is spending less than they did last year, spending at least as much and many spending more. Retailers here at Northpark Mall say business is good today with more traffic than they had on Black Friday.

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