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Walt's Look Around: The Ring of Kerry

The night before our group from Mississippi circumnavigated the Ring of Kerry we ate at Kate Kearney's Cottage near Killarney. A traditional Irish trio performed for us, and a couple of youngsters danced.

The next day we set out on our hundred mile journey down one of the world's scenic routes. The Ring of Kerry is as beautiful in its own way as California's Highway One and Hawaii's Road to Hana. And any old back road in Alaska.

On the way from Killarney around the Kerry loop and back to Killarney we heard stories about fairies and leprechauns and how all that fairies do is dance and wear out their shoes and then make the leprechauns fix them for them.

The leprechauns get paid well, but can have no fun because they are all the time repairing shoes. But they've gotten so rich they had to come up with a very safe place to keep their money.

And they hit on the right idea by putting it in a big pot and hiding it at the end of the rainbow. And there are rainbows all over Ireland.

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