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3 On Your Side: A "growing" problem

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jermaine Powell and his fiancee, Sally Trunnell, moved into the Magnolia Park Apartments on West Capitol Street in May. They noticed a mold problem in the bathroom in July, and it has only gotten worse.

"Every time they cut the water on upstairs, it comes pouring down through the hole right here. That's how the mildew got started," Powell says. "It's all up and down the side of the toilet, the wall, everything."

The couple rigged up a black trash bag to try to contain the leak, but it's not working.

"Sometimes we have to put something around our face just to take a bath, use the bathroom. We can't even have our kids here," Powell says. They have a 3 year old girl and a 2 year old boy, who are living with relatives.

The couple is also worried about the general condition of the hallways. The door frame leading to the outside is ripped out, and it appears mold is growing on the door. There's also a hole in the hallway wall across from Powell and Trunnell's apartment.

Powell and Trunnell say the complex is unsafe for children, but plenty of children live in the complex.

While we were there, other tenants approached our crew to explain their own problems. Okeymeya Taylor says her front door won't properly lock because of a break-in that has never been repaired.

"Sheet rock on the floor. You can just do it like this," she says, as she pushes on a loose piece of the door frame. "What am I paying rent for?" she says.

The residents we talked to all claim they pay their rent on time each month.

"I've been paying my rent every day," Trunnell tells us.

Powell and Trunnell pay $279 of a $500 a month rent. HUD pays the rest. However, the couple admits they've been getting eviction notices.

Powell and Trunnell are both using an inhaler to combat illnesses from the mold, hoping the manager will take their complaints seriously and move them to a cleaner unit.

At 3:20pm Wednesday, we found the rental office door locked, and no one answered our knocks.

The City of Jackson investigates code violations. The city's Community Improvement Division can be reached at 601-960-1054. 

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