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Woman tracks stolen iPhone

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Using her iPad, Anna Hughes was able to see exactly where her phone was in real time using a free app called 'Find My iPhone.'

"I could see my phone going down the street like somebody had it in the car with them," said Hughes.

When it stopped moving, her phone ended up at a home in Jackson, which Hughes now has a bird's eye view of.

"It's basically the third house on the right," said Hughes, pointing to a digital map.

Hughes gave the location to Jackson police, but when officers knocked on the door no one answered. They were however, able to get information about the homeowner to further the investigation.

"I think it's a great thing to have that technology to help us," said officer Colendula Green.

Green says this type of easy to use technology is helping agencies across the state combat this type of crime.

"We have a lot of instances where technology was used to help us crack the case by citizens so I think it goes hand in hand, we're working with the citizens, they're working with us," said Green.

For anyone who may find themselves in the same situation, Green says be sure to leave the actual crime fighting to police.

"They can help by just calling us and giving us all the additional detailed information to help us because we don't want them getting hurt in the process," said Green.

Although she may not have her phone back yet, thanks to technology Hughes at least knows where it is, or was, and so do police, for a crime that use to be nearly impossible to solve.

"I'm hoping something may turn up but just to have this, to be able to get this far with it is incredible instead of just loosing it and having no idea of what happened with it, I can see that actually somebody took it and took it to a home somewhere," said Hughes.

Hughes even sent messages to the phone to make sure it wasn't picked up by mistake, but got no response. The app can be used for just about any Apple device and located using any computer.

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