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Fisherman rescued after falling into Jackson lake

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In a little more than a week a second man has fallen from his boat while fishing, but this time a life jacket and quick action of workers in a nearby dentist office helped saved him.

The dramatic rescue occurred around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon at Mayes Lake on Crane Ridge Drive, off Ridgewood Road.

Eddie Young was exhausted and trembling after being pulled from the frigid waters of Mayes Lake.

Jackson police, firefighters and dentist officer workers rescued the 77 year old after he fell from his boat.

"He was out there for about 20 minutes, and he said he was getting really tired and he couldn't swim back," said dental assistant Whitney Hedgepeth.

She watched it all unfold from Simmons Young Pediatric Dentistry and provided us with this video.

"He had a life jacket on, and so I walked outside and some people were about to jump in after him, but he was ok with the life jacket. He said he was just getting really cold," said Hedgepeth.

Dental office workers said they watched young repeatedly stand up in the boat behind the office building.

They said he had been fishing all day.

"I didn't want to come to the dentist, but glad I did now," said dental patient Sam Hudson.

The 14 year old from Kosciusko saw the fisherman fall backwards into the lake.

"I was sitting in the dentist chair where they were cleaning my teeth, and everybody just jumped up. He had been standing up and people were saying he's going to fall out in a second, and he just fell out," said Hudson.

Office workers called 911 and but said a rescue boat wasn't coming soon enough so they sprang into action.

"I just stepped right in and took over until the other rescue people got here," said Joni Hannah.

Hannah works as a dental assistant during the week and as a Tri-Community Volunteer Firefighter in Bentonia on the weekends.

"We threw the blue rope out and as they tied it onto the man, the rescue guys we just started pulling the rope in until he got in. We got him on land and took the clothes off of him," said Hannah.

Co-worker Lydia Fondren and others tried to keep young talking until he could be pulled to safety.

She feared he would develop hypothermia.

"He was trying to hold onto the back of the boat, and he just kept slipping down so everybody on the bank kept hollering at him 'Hold onto the boat. Don't leave the boat', but he kept saying 'I'm getting really cold. I can't hold on much longer'," said Fondren.

Despite his ordeal the elderly fisherman remained conscious and able to climb onto an awaiting stretcher.

Young was transported to a local hospital to be treated for hypothermia.

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