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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After spending years addicted to crack one man has devoted his life to helping others break the cycle and reconnect with their families. Larry Perry is working with men who have been in prison, who face homelessness, or trying to kick drugs and alcohol.

"With the economy the way it is, its very difficult for a person to get employment even if they don't have problems, but even more for a man that's a convicted felon or a man that has been on drugs or alcohol", said Larry Perry.

Perry is the President and CEO of New Way Mississippi. This is one of the transitional living centers he runs in Jackson to provide housing, counseling services, employment assistance, and mentoring programs for men who have been released from prison.

"It helps the community a whole lot in terms of crime, it shuts down recidivism, because a lot of our men are ex-offenders and we all have made mistakes", Perry said.

Perry says New Way Mississippi also focuses on reconnecting the men with their families.

"The Equine Program where we work with the horses, the therapeutic horse back riding, we call it therapeutic because it actually gets the men more engaged with their kids and then they become better fathers and they are really able to regain the trust of the kids, and they want to keep that once they regain it", said Perry.

Marvin Banks says he served 7 years in prison for robbery. New Way Mississippi is giving him a second chance.

"It's providing me a place to stay as of now and helping me find a job and transition back out into society, you know, and live like a normal person would live", Banks said.

Perry says the program has helped keep the men he works with off drugs, out of prison and off the streets. But he says the program needs support. He is hoping churches will reach out.

"We work with the men who have made the conscious decision that they want to change. Of course our resources are limited. Every nickel counts", said Perry.

14 men are currently living at this center. There are other facilities throughout the metro area. They can stay for up to a year.

Perry says the public and churches can help by donating building materials or money, and by volunteering. For more information you can go to their website

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