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Heroes All

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WLBT News reported Wednesday on yet another death of one of the many dozens of veterans we profiled over three years as part of the Veteran's History Project.

Ninety-one year old Henry Laird was like so many of the World War II vets.

Unassuming, never bragging, even tearful at times at the awful loss that war brings.

The B-17 bomber pilot dropped his bombs over Germany and then lost three engines to flak before ordering his crew to bail out.

He was hidden for months by Luxembourg citizens from the Nazi's.

He later piloted many other aircraft in two more wars.

So many of these heroes felt the only real heroes were the ones who never made it back.

So many of their stories portray devotion to duty, love of country, and a spiritual well being.

Thanks to all the veterans who shared their stories thus ensuring future generations a wealth of treasures America has produced.

That's my Point of View.

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