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'Dead' woman calls 3 On Your Side

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KOSCIUSKO, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Marlene Medina of Kosciusko has been living in limbo for the past few months.

"I'm like legally dead, I don't even exist," Medina said.

That's what the Social Security Administration has been saying, anyway.

In October, Medina received a letter from her former employer, stating essentially: 'We think you're deceased, but sign this sheet of paper if you're still alive'.

Since then, Medina has called the Social Security Administration repeatedly to try to get the problem ironed out.

"Every time I talk to someone (at Social Security), they say they're gonna get it corrected," Medina said. "I'd ask how long would it take, they say 2-3 days. I call back in a week, I'm still deceased."

Social Security records had indicated that Medina had died on June 20th.

That's the day her mother, Marie Morgan, passed away.

The original glitch occurred when someone in Social Security marked Medina's mother deceased, and Medina as well.

"I'm scared to drive one mile over the speed limit, even if I wanted to get a job I can't apply for a job," Medina said. "It has also affected my credit. I'm showing on credit also that I'm deceased. They just don't know how much frustration and stress it's caused me."

On our way up to Kosciusko Wednesday, we called the Social Security Office to tell them we were interviewing Medina, to see if we could get some information from them.

Coincidentally, after our call they called Medina, and told her her problem was resolved.

"They told me that I'm considered alive today," Medina said.

We accompanied Medina to the local Social Security office, where she signed papers that will go out to the credit reporting bureaus.

 Time will tell if the problem is solved.

"The only way I felt I could get results is calling WLBT, 3 On Your Side," Medina said. 

The Social Security Administration admits that a mistake was made, it wasn't handled as quickly and proficiently as it should have been, and an apology has been made to Medina.

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