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Pardon controversy spurs legislation debate

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Sen. Billy Hudson, (R) Hattiesburg Sen. Billy Hudson, (R) Hattiesburg
Rep. Bobby Moak, (D) Bouge Chitto Rep. Bobby Moak, (D) Bouge Chitto
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The controversy created by former Governor Barbour's pardon list has some legislators in disbelief and looking to put a stop to how future governors hand out pardons to criminals.

Representative Bobby Moak, (D) Bouge Chitto, and Senator Billy Hudson, (R) Hattiesburg, are backing legislation within their chambers to put a stop to what they call abuse in granting executive pardons.

Both lawmakers say the amount of pardons handed out by the former governor is inconceivable.

Barbour granted full pardon or some type of reduced sentence to nearly 300 criminals.

Lawmakers are hoping to change the constitution to place restrictions on the governor's power.

"Governor Bryant would never do this," Sen. Hudson said. "I know Governor Bryant, but we don't know who's going to be governor after him. So we need to make sure that this never happens again."

"With the legs that this particular issue has gotten now, we hope we've got a good chance of pushing it through," Rep. Moak said.

If a measure passes, it would have to appear on a future ballot to change the state constitution.

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