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Scott Sisters Not Pardoned

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lawyers representing the Scott sisters say they will now ask Governor Phil Bryant for a full pardon. Thursday Gladys and Jamie Scott's attorney Chokwe Lumumba held a press conference in Jackson. He says he was greatly disappointed not to see their names among those receiving full pardon's from former Governor Barbour.

The Scott sisters were granted clemency by Governor Barbour last year, after they were imprisoned on two life sentences each for a 1994 armed robbery.   That was after numerous marches and rally's were held in support of their early release.

Lumumba says he believes the Scott sisters received a good report from the parole board, and have met all the requirements of their early release.   Lumumba says, "It would seem to me if the criteria you set for yourself is that you have to admit to a crime you didn't commit before you can be pardoned then at the same time you'll take somebody that admits to killing people and burning their bodies up and you'll pardon them, that's a backwards system."

The Scott sisters now live in Pensacola Florida.  Governor Barbour's release was done under the condition that Glady's Scott would give a kidney to her sister Jamie who suffers from kidney disease, and undergoes regular treatments with dialysis.  That has not occurred yet because doctors say they both need to lose weight before they can perform the surgery.

Lumumba says he plans to organize another rally for full pardon for the Scott sisters. That will be held in Jackson April 2nd through the 4th.

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