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Barbour very comfortable with pardons

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Barbour spoke at his new law firm, Butler Snow, in Ridgeland in a huge conference room where local reporters were invited to question him about the firestorm of controversy regarding pardons that has made national news all week.

Instead of the 215 people reported released Barbour says 189 were not in prison and only about 10 people have been or will be fully released.

"One hundred eighty nine of these people are already out, most of them for a long time, some for years and years. And the number of people really getting out into society is 10. Ten out of 60,000 people that are in the corrections system," Barbour said.

The former governor strongly defends his decision on the prisoners.

"I am very comfortable with the decisions I made during my terms as governor, regarding clemency. All this is consistent with the powers given the governor by the constitution and I am fully confident that the pardons and clemency I have given are all valid," Barbour added.

He says he is confident the mansion trustys he released will not commit another crime.

"As I said I have absolute confidence that, so much confidence that I let my grandchildren play with these five men. I have let them ride their tricycles out on the driveway, with them watching out for them. I have no question that these five guys are not a threat to society," Barbour added.

Barbour says the power of pardon by a governor "Is actually right where it oughta be" and he hopes it will not be changed by the legislature.

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