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Beaten student afraid to return to school

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An investigation continues into the violent beating of a Wingfield High School student on a Jackson Public School bus.

Since the violent beating, caught on cell phone video, the victim has not returned to school out of fear. His mother also says she does not want her son to be hurt again and wonders why Jackson school officials can not protect her child.

"For a child to have an ankle monitor on their leg, a child that is suspended from the school but yet on school property, I'm afraid," said the victim's mother Rainee Feazell. 

School officials say they are responsible for a students safety from the time a child gets on the bus in the morning until he gets off the bus in the afternoon. They will not discuss their investigation.

Feazell says school officials knew trouble was lurking Tuesday afternoon. "They knew he was on campus. In fact, they were looking for him and they saw him run up by the bus stops, but yet they failed to check and look at the bus stops, you know, to check them," added the frightened mother. 

Feazell says she has tried repeatedly to contact the superintendent of Jackson schools to have her son moved to another school.

"Wingfield, as we all know, is a very violent school. I want my child out of that school for his safety. He is a very smart young man, has never been in any type of trouble. This other child has a rap sheet," said Feazell.

We spoke with the mother of the attacker and says her son is currently being housed at the Henley Juvenile Justice Center in south Jackson until he can be sent to Camp Shelby where the National Guard operates a military-based training and educational boot camp. The first phase of the National Guard's boot camp lasts 22 weeks and students live at the base near Hattiesburg. The program teaches self-discipline, leadership and responsibility.

Meanwhile, in a statement issued by JPS officials, they say the driver of the bus Tuesday was a substitute driver and did not know the students.

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