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Family reacts to Barbour's news conference

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

During a meeting with reporters Friday afternoon, former Governor Barbour often evoked his Christian faith defending his pardons. It offered little solace to the family of victims of David Glenn Gatlin.

"He pulled the Christianity card out really, really large and to me, you know, who I forgive is between my good Lord and myself. Whether or not Haley Barbour forgives them, means nothing to me," said Tiffany Ellis Brewer, sister of a victim.

 The former governor said also he is comfortable with the decision to issue the pardons.

"There are a lot of victims out here and a lot of families in a lot of pain and for him to say he is comfortable, it's a slap in the face to the State of Mississippi, to every victim there is," Brewer added.

The families say now the objective is to change the way future governors handle pardons.

"That's actually what we are trying to do, you know. We'd like to thank the media for helping us to get this noticed because had we not come to you Warren, you know, it would have been swept under the rug and nobody would have ever known," Brewer said.

When it comes to the way the state does business in dealing with gubernatorial pardons there are three pieces of legislation now pending here at the state capitol. One dealing with a constitutional provision and two dealing with the state statures.

The Constitutional Provision change and the change to the statute would set up a public hearing, which would involve district attorneys and the families in the process. Now the third piece of legislation would disallow any violent offenders from being trusties at the governor's mansion.

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