New developments in AG pardon investigation - - Jackson, MS

New developments in AG pardon investigation

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Attorney General Jim Hood reported Tuesday that all but one pardoned convict has been tracked down and served with notice that they have not met constitutional requirements for release.

Attorney General Hood talked to the media about his investigation and wants about 150 pardons overturned.

Attorney General Hood identified Joseph Ozment as the only pardoned convict his investigators have not located.

According to the A.G. Hood, Ozment is one of five trusties who worked at the Governor's Mansion and released January 8th but did not meet the 30 day publication requirement for full pardon.

Hood said the convicted murderer's family in Desoto County is not cooperating, and legally Ozment is not obligated to do so.

"The law at this point does not allow us to put out a criminal warrant because he has a document that shows that he is at least for now out on a pardon," Attorney General Hood said.

An injunction has stopped five incarcerated pardoned convicts from being released.

Attorney General Hood said of the 181 full pardon files they reviewed only 13 actually met the publication requirements.

"Calculate that out to 203 we're probably gonna be in excess of 150 of these we'll be trying to hold invalid," Attorney General Hood said.

The state's top legal official said a majority of those pardoned convicts either did not publish any information in newspapers or purchased four week publications that ran 28 days instead of the mandated 30.

"The governor violated the very statute that he signed into law in 2007 that required him to give these victims notice," Attorney General Hood said.

While he admits other governors may not have adhered to state constitutional pardon requirements, A.G. Hood maintains that he is starting with the Barbour pardons because of the large number of violent offenders who he believes are a danger to the public.

Jackson socialite Karen Irby, who was convicted of Aggravated DUI, won't be affected because her sentence was commuted.

She can possibly obtain driver's license in the future.

"That 30 day requirement is not applicable to her, because she was not pardoned...She is still a convicted felon of Aggravated DUI as I recall was two counts," Attorney General Hood said. "There is a (driver's license) suspension period that is required as a result of that conviction."

The five pardoned trusties are David Glenn Gatlin, Charles Hooker, Nathan Kern, Anthony McCray and Joseph Ozment.

They are ordered to appear before Hinds County Judge Tomie Green Monday at an injunction hearing to prove that they met publication requirements.

Below is the most recent Attorney General list of cases that have met the publication requirement:

1. Barry Sanderson

2. Jerome Francis Jackson

3. Mabrie Chris Gilmer

4. Joel Vann

5. Kevin McCullough

6. Herbert Lowery

7. Scott McLean Smith

8. Bobby Ray Camp

9. David Willard Newcomb

10. Mark Hubert Allen

11. Zachary Polk

12. Dawn Renee Schaefer

13. Jason Todd Shivers 

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