Back To Being Cold Again - - Jackson, MS

Back To Being Cold Again

The storms have now cleared out and now it's a cold start to the work day. Temps started off this morning in the amide 30s. However, thanks to a very blustery breeze from the north, it feels more like the 20s. This blast of arctic air is courtesy of the cold front that helped created the showers and storms we dealt with yesterday. Expected sunshine and a high of 52 degrees, winds north 10-15 mph.

Tonight we'll have yet one more 'chilly' and clear night with the winds staying relatively light. Temps will fall into the 30s, however I don't think we'll have to worry much about frost causing any problems. The moisture in the atmosphere is on the rise as well.

Thursday will be sunny and much warmer. It's amazing how quickly the comfort level rises as the winds shift out of the south. Additionally, we'll have highs in the upper 60s; well above the norm for this time of the year.


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