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Home Invasion victim threatened

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Police are searching for a man responsible for a home invasion at a north Jackson apartment complex over the weekend.

It happened Saturday morning at the Grove Apartments off State Street.

Gellisa Daniels was awakened at her Grove apartment Saturday morning, by knocking at her windows and doors.

She was not expecting any guests.

"I just got on the floor I was scared, by the time I crawled from the kitchen to my bedroom door," Daniels said. "I heard a loud boom, the guy had kicked my door down."

Daniels says a black male in his late teens, about 5'2" with dark skin made his way to where she was now hiding, and put a gun to her head, demanding money.

"He came in the room talking about get up B, get up! At this time I'm scared I don't know what to do," Daniels said. "He's like where's the guy? I say what guy? The guy that owes me fifty dollars for some weed. I said sir no one sells or smokes weed in this apartment.  He kept telling me I was lying to him, I'm gonna kill you right now. I was like please, please don't hurt me. Please I said you have the wrong apartment."

Daniels says the man finally left in a white Mercury, but warned her, he would come back.

She immediately called Jackson Police.

They're working the case, but have made no arrests at this time.

Gellisa now afraid her attacker could still be out there, watching her every move.

"I was traumatized about this," Daniels said. "I don't even want to go back to Jackson that hurt me forever. Going back there I'm scared for my life."  

Managers at the Grove promised Gellisa they'd terminate he lease without charging her a fee.

She's moving on but says she'll always carry the scars from this terrifying experience. 

Jackson Police detectives plan to return to her apartment this week to continue searching for clues to lead them to the person responsible for this home invasion.

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