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Homeowner calls 3 On Your Side over an ongoing water leak

TERRY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Hinds County homeowner says water has been leaking in front of his home since March 2010.

The Jackson Water System owns the line and he's called numerous times to see about getting it fixed.

Art Compere, 79, lives at 124 Brantley Road, which is just off the Wynndale Exit on Interstate 55, near the Terry city limits.

Compere has tried to divert the water from the leak to the back of his property with a water hose.

It worked at first but the leak has steadily gotten worse and overwhelmed the hose.

So he dug a small trench on his neighbor's property to make the water flow to the back of the property, but it is now not capable of carrying all of the water that is leaking.

Compere says he has called the Jackson Water Department numerous times about the problem; so many times in fact, they recognize his voice and tell him something will be done, but that never happens.

"Right now it's a real nuisance, it's messing up my neighbor's yard, so I think it's about five gallons a minute, I would estimate, at least," Compere said. "So I told them, I said 'Look somebody's got to do something', I said my neighbor's yard is just soggy and I am having to deal with it. She says I'll report it. The lady there she has a nice tone, she's real nice, she said I am going to report it, but they never get to it. Nothing ever happens."

"So what happened when you told them you were going to call WLBT about it?"

"Well this nice sounding lady who answers she real quickly said, "we don't talk to the media," Compere said.

Chris Mims, City of Jackson Spokesman, did return our call and has told us something will be done to correct the problem as soon as possible.

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