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Irby Suicide Shocks Friends

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with a look at some of the stories we'll have tonight at 10 on WLBT.

Friends gathered at the home of philanthropist and well known Jackson businessman, Stuart Irby today.  Irby took his life Tuesday night.  Those who knew him react to his death.

Pike County investigators are searching for leads in the death of a teenager.  The 19 year old was shot in the head  and left on a bridge.

The National Weather Service confirms an F-2 tornado destroyed a mobile home and damaged another house in South Marion County yesterday.  We'll have more on the destruction.

Another cold night in Central Mississippi but a warm up is on the way!  Chief Meteorologist Barbie Bassett tells us milder temperatures are back in the First Alert Forecast along with the possibility of more rain.

And Sports Director Rob Jay will tell us about a pair of former Ole Miss football stars battling for a spot in the Super Bowl.

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