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Social Media Civility

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It has been a story that has made headlines on and off for nearly two years now.

The two socialites' car crashing into that of two well loved doctors about to get married, killing them.

The driver, Karen Irby, is sentenced to 18 years in prison for causing their deaths.

Then the outgoing governor grants her clemency last week among an unparrelled batch of pardons, causing a local and national uproar.

Barely a week later, Karen's ex-husband hangs himself apparently unable to overcome the depression and brain injury caused by the accident.

All very sad stuff.

What is also sad, are the hundreds of social media posts, many of them well meaning, many others vitriolic and hateful.

The civility and lack of civility brings out the best and the worst of so many of us.

Let's just hope that we learn some lessons from all this.

That's my Point of View.

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