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Carjacking caught on tape

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WLBT has surveillance video of a frightening carjacking and armed robbery taking place on the streets of Jackson. A female victim is lucky to be alive. Now police need your help to catch these most wanted criminals.

It happened at a small gas station on the corner of Maple and Bailey Avenue. It's in the middle of what police commonly described as a tough inner city neighborhood.

We found gang style graffiti on one wall and lots of walk up business. December 11th, a woman stops to fill up her white SUV. Little did she know, criminals were watching her every move.

Three men are captured in surveillance video milling about the store. Police say they aren't innocent, they are stalking a victim. You can see them quickly move in on the customer. One young man points a gun at the woman.

Another grabs her purse and makes a run for it up Bailey Avenue. The innocent victim did not resist. She calmly went into the store.

Outside, the unknown gunman jumps in her truck and speeds away. Jackson police hope someone will help solve this crime. If you can identify any of the young men, you can help put a stop to violent crime on the streets of Jackson. Call Crimestoppers at 601-355-TIPS. (601-355-8477)

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