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Walt's Look Around: Large wonders in MS

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Sky Lake swamp has a bunch of \Cypress trees, but only a few big ones. It would have had a bunch more except for logging back in the 1930s extracted most of them. This one was left, probably because most of the top of it was blown out by an ancient tornado. But what was left would build six typical size houses. And it was declared the champion tree for a while. And this is the tree I came to do a story about nearly 20 years ago. There had been an extensive enough drought back then that this area was dry and you could walk around on it. And while we were exploring the swamp after getting our pictures of the big tree, we stumbled up on this hollow giant. Again probably not cut because it was hollow. All of us out exploring the swamp that day easily fit inside the tree with room enough for more.

Well now, there is a beautiful boardwalk out across Sky Lake swamp that allows you to get to the big trees even in typical conditions, like when there IS water in here, like now. Mark Simmons says this is something he's look forward to for a long time.

Mark Simmons: After many years of my dreams and all and the airing it got on WLBT and other news media, the Mississippi Wildlife expressed and interest in it. They purchased I think it's 783 acres of the big trees and the land around them which includes a big portion of Sky Lake.

Walt: A friend of mine, Billy Thomas from Brandon was along when we went to see the boardwalk. Billy sees the big trees, and the whole area, in a very personal way.

 Billy Thomas: It seems that I hear God whisper to me, I did that just for you. Just that one scene. Just that one view. No one else has ever been right there at that time and looked at that the way I saw it. And when I came down and saw this tree it was just like God said, I did that just for you.

Walt: And I guess he did. And for all of us. And it's nice that the boardwalk is there so you can see the tress without having to wait for another drought to be able to get back in here to where they are.

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