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Wife of Rodney Hill speaks about Friday's standoff

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MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Plywood covers broken windows of Rodney Wayne Hill's home. Lawmen breached the house thinking Hill was inside the house armed with a high-powered rifle, but Hill slipped out of the home, hid then turned himself in Friday to WLBT Senior Anchor, Bert Case.

Now, Hill's wife is cleaning piles of glass that line a hallway and this glass-filled container are products of her labor.

Mrs. Hill spoke to us only with the understanding of anonymity and says her husband is troubled.

"Rodney's a good man, he is really. You can ask the neighbors. He's just changed in the last three years and he needs help," Mrs. Hill added.

Thirteen windows were broken out of her home. Other signs of the breach by lawmen were canisters of spent tear gas and holes punched through the interior walls.

Mrs. Hill says her husband's troubles stem from mental illness.

"Most of his siblings is taking some medicine for bipolar and the are okay and I asked him to take the pills that the doctor give you but he won't take it," Mrs. Hill said.

Carl Murphy, a neighbor, purchased and hung the plywood covering the windows. He says Hill would have done the same.

"Anytime I had little odd jobs, he was always willing to, right away, come and do it. Even if he was working, he'd do it at night and he's just a good person," added neighbor Carl Murphy.

Mrs. Hill believes that every cloud has a silver lining, her silver lining is the hope that her husband will get the help that he needs and their lives can return to some semblance of normalcy.

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