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Pardons Controversy Debated In Court

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with a look at some of the stories we'll have tonight at 10 on WLBT.

State Attorney General Jim Hood was back in a Hinds County courtroom today continuing the fight to stop dozens of pardons granted by former Governor Haley Barbour

Mitt Romney is fighting back!  Republican candidates for President faced off in another debate tonight, this time in Florida.

A Hattiesburg man has filed a lawsuit against the city of Jackson accusing officers of recklessly firing their weapons and injuring him during a drug raid. 

Mississippi dodged a bullet when severe weather moved through last night and early this morning.  But Chief Meteorologist Barbie Bassett says there is more rain in your First Alert Forecast.

And Sports Director Rob Jay will have more on former Ole Miss star Eli Manning heading back to the Super Bowl with the New York Giants.  You can catch the Super Bowl on WLBT.

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