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Bryant unveils policy details in State of State address

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two weeks in to his venture as governor, Phil Bryant took to the steps of the state capitol laying out the direction he says the state needs to move in for success. Bryant says he plans to present lawmakers with several packages ranging from education and budget reform to jobs, energy and healthcare development.

As part of his educational agenda, Bryant says the state first needs a dual enrollment program.  

"We need an enrollment goal and get to work so Mississippians can go to work," said Bryant.

He's also looking to give level funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program and ask school districts to consolidate non-educational duties to a central office.  

"I want education dollars spent in the classroom and not just offices," said Bryant.

To spur economic development, Bryant will ask the legislature for $31 million in bonds for economic incentive packages.  

"Economic development is the sun in our universe and everything revolves around it," said Bryant.

When it comes to energy, Bryant says look no further than the Gulf of Mexico where he says natural gas could not only help fuel the state and country but also the state's work force and classrooms.  

"Mississippi cannot afford to turn our backs to an opportunity that both Louisiana and Alabama both enjoy. We need these jobs and our school children need this revenue," said Bryant.

On the healthcare front Bryant is proposing medical zones across the state with incentives for physicians.  

"This will be an effort unlike anything in the nation, a comprehensive action plan to provide healthcare as an industry of necessity," said Bryant.

In etching out how money is spent, Bryant says it's time for a performance based budget, a measure which in the past has died in the house.  

"The defenders of the status quo have controlled the budget process for far too long. It is time for bold leadership to bring the budget process in the twenty first century," said Bryant.

Bryant even touched on his pro-life stance and the need for an action plan to curb the teen pregnancy rate in Mississippi. All of it he says, will be pushed as he leads the state for the next four years. 

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